Rejection: How do I move on? (PSP 08)

Today we’re digging into Rejection. It’s not a lighthearted topic, and one that’s not very comfortable to talk about. But that is why we’re here. Because all of us have been there.

We invite you to sit in on our conversation as we discuss why it’s such a big deal, and then some of the things we can do to pick ourselves back up after facing rejection in both college auditions or professional auditions.

But your mindset going into an audition has a lot to do with how you feel after it’s over.

PSP 07 Hard Work vs. Talent? Who Cares?

Hard Work Vs. Talent. Which is more important? Or is it possible that we’re forgetting about way more important aspects? Also, why does it matter? If you were more talented would you watch more Netflix?

These are some of the topics we get into by digging into Jessica Wiersma’s story, our 4th in our series of introducing ourselves.

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Persisting when you’ve lost motivation (PSP 06)

Finding the motivation and drive to practice and improve is hard enough when you’re feeling inspired. But what do you do when your family moves away from your great teacher, or you literally don’t have the strength to hold your instrument up?

These are just two of the challenges that Anna has faced while battling a chronic illness since undergrad. But she hasn’t let that define her playing.

“I’ve had to continue in persistence, and conjure up a form motivation, even if the circumstances are bogging me down. Every year or two, something big happens that gets in the way of my plans as a musician. And I could choose to walk away from it, but I can’t let go of it. Even when I’m not feeling motivated, I have to keep going. Persisting even if the motivation is not there… cause sometimes the music on its own is not enough.” -Anna

Finding Balance in an Unpredictable Lifestyle (PSP 05)

The word “Balance” sometimes is met with hostility. It’s as if when someone tells us we need some more balance, they are telling us to stop practicing. But more likely, they’re just concerned that we’re heading towards unhealthiness.

Pursuing Your Curiosities (PSP 04)

How do you know if being a musician is the only thing you were meant to do? Today we dig deeper into Michael’s story about why he stuck with music despite trying different careers and jobs. We talk about the “Turd Sandwich” of being a musician, our desire for autonomy vs. being a cog in the machine, and getting started as a freelance musician. Show notes:

25 Things we learned in “The Real World” (PSP 03 )

Music school simply cannot prepare you for all the things you need to know once you graduate. So we rounded up 25 things we all learned the hard way…from making these mistakes, or watching those around us make them. You can find the list of all these on the show notes at

Do I have to be passionate about music to make it? (PSP 02)

Being is a musician is hard work. So do I have to love every minute of it? What if I don’t like practicing, or I don’t want to play this gig tonight? Should I find something else to do with my life?
These are some of the issues we discuss in our second episode.
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Why We Quit Music, and Why We Stick With It (PSP 01)

Welcome to our first episode of the Per Service Podcast. We start at the very beginning. Why do we play music? Why did you start, and why do you stick with it? When we started discussing it, we found it was easier to start with all the reasons why we don’t quit – or to put it another way: What are the reasons why people quit?
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17 Practice Tips that will Skyrocket Your Progress

How to Mark Your Part in Orchestra…

Playing violin in orchestra is one of the most enriching activities I get to do. But, it also seems like it is fraught with unspoken expectations. Things like “to be early is to be on-time,” “showing up without your pencil is a sin,” and that the inside player’s fingerings go beneath the line.