“Ask us how we really feel about Jingle Bells” [PSP 18]

We started this podcast because being a classical musician is a difficult profession. David Oistrakh said the stage is one of the loneliest places on earth. I think what he was expressing was how few people understand the demands, sacrifice, and service that being a musician takes.

And during this time of year..this most wonderfully busy time of year, where it’s pretty normal to have 3 or 4 services a day, you most likely only have time to say hi and goodbye to the other musicians at your gig before racing out the door to get to the next one.

So we believe that sitting down and talking with other musicians can be incredibly encouraging and inspiring….most of the time. This might not be one of those times.

4 Auditions you can win (that have nothing to do with talent)

Beta-Blockers orchestra audition classical musicians

We Took Beta-Blockers, Here’s What Happened [PSP16]

Our episode today is mostly about immediate anxiety, or stage fright and some coping skills, including the ever controversial…Beta-Blockers.

We aren’t medical professionals, so always talk to your doctor first before trying them. However, we are dedicated to having authentic and transparent conversations about our experiences.
But drugs are not the only way to reduce the effects of being nervous, and we go into some of the other options to having a successful audition or performance.

Practicing vs. Improving [PSP 15]

Practicing is something we all wrestle with:
Getting started practicing
Having goals for practicing
Staying focused while practicing
Actually fixing things that are broken.

But it’s one of the most important aspects of become a better musician.

Let’s Get Political..or Not [PSP14]

With less than four weeks until the US heads to the polls to elect a new president. The podcast team is less than enthused about our options. So, we decided to pick some of our favorite musicians of all time who we would rather vote for (yes, we realize how ridiculous that sounds).
Also we kick things off with some other current events, unfortunately about the strikes and lockouts at major orchestras and what it means for us.
Also included are what politics in orchestra and quartet rehearsals look like at the local level. 

Summer’s Over: Getting Back to Work [PSP13]

It’s that time of year: Back to school & back to orchestra season. How do we navigate getting in touch with colleagues, dealing with the summer braggers, and setting our sights on the year to come. The per service podcast team discuss how to make the most out of this time of year, and some advice on how to start the year off right.

Practicing is a Four-Letter Word: SCAT

Why you shouldn’t do this at Rehearsal [PSP12]

My Best Worst Lesson [PSP Update]

Hey Guys!

Just a quick update about what’s going on this summer. Also I’ve got a short story about one of the best lessons I learned from my undergrad. Well, it was one of the worst lessons actually. I’m calling it my best, worst lesson.