Growing the Musician, Technician, and Person [PSP19]

“Ask us how we really feel about Jingle Bells” [PSP 18]

4 Auditions you can win (that have nothing to do with talent)

Insecurity, Uncertainty, and Gig-mas: The Freelancer’s December [PSP17]

Well, happy Friday to you, if you’re listening to this the day it airs, it is the day after Thanksgiving

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Beta-Blockers orchestra audition classical musicians

We Took Beta-Blockers, Here’s What Happened [PSP16]

Beta-Blockers orchestra audition classical musicians

Our episode today is part 1 of 2 episodes about fear and anxiety. Today is mostly about immediate anxiety, or

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Practicing vs. Improving [PSP 15]

Practicing is something we all wrestle with:
Getting started practicing
Having goals for practicing
Staying focused while practicing
Actually fixing

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Let’s Get Political..or Not [PSP14]

With less than four weeks until the US heads to the polls to elect a new president. The podcast team

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Summer’s Over: Getting Back to Work [PSP13]

It’s that time of year: Back to school & back to orchestra season. How do we navigate getting in touch

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Practicing is a Four-Letter Word: SCAT

Believe it or not, but you know what I hate?
Yeah, and you know what I hate even more

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Why you shouldn’t do this at Rehearsal [PSP12]

It’s back to school and back to orchestra season time of year. So in this episode we’re covering one of

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