Let’s Get Political..or Not [PSP14]

With less than four weeks until the US heads to the polls to elect a new president. The podcast team

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Summer’s Over: Getting Back to Work [PSP13]

It’s that time of year: Back to school & back to orchestra season. How do we navigate getting in touch

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Practicing is a Four-Letter Word: SCAT

Believe it or not, but you know what I hate?
Yeah, and you know what I hate even more

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Why you shouldn’t do this at Rehearsal [PSP12]

It’s back to school and back to orchestra season time of year. So in this episode we’re covering one of

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My Best Worst Lesson [PSP Update]

Hey Guys!

Just a quick update about what’s going on this summer. Also I’ve got a short story about one

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sightreading cover

Improve Your Sightreading Today [Video]

Sight Reading isn’t only for auditions…you know, that really annoying last line on the “Audition Repertoire” page that says “Possible

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Dealing with the success of others when you feel like a loser (PSP11)

On this episode of the show, we’re talking about accepting other people’s success, when you feel like a loser.

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How to Make Friends at Your Gig (PSP 10)

“Oh, you’re from Michigan- do you know Jimmy-What’s-His-Name?” my standpartner asked me, as we were finding our stand on stage.

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PSP09 square

5 Ways to Reduce Your Cynicism PSP 09

We have a confession: We may look like happy smiley people, but we are actually highly critical and cynical. And

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Rejection: How do I move on? (PSP 08)

Today we’re digging into Rejection. It’s not a lighthearted topic, and one that’s not very comfortable to talk about. But

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