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Choose to be Happy Even When the Gig Sucks [PSP30]

Welcome back to the Per Service Podcast. On the show today, we’re thinking about Happiness. How we can find it regardless of how the gig is going, how we can share it with those around us, instead of being a complainer. And where we can focus our energy to make the biggest change.

This is a podcast for classical musicians who want to live a creative, successful and happy life at each and every service. We know that it’s not always easy to do this. There’s a lot of uncertainty, a lot of concerns about money, a lot of criticism and comparison out there. So we host these conversations to take a break from all of that, and encourage and inspire each other. And we’d like to thank you for listening and subscribing to the show.
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Summertime: Make Your Plans for Focus, Fun, and Romance [PSP29]

Well it is the end of the season. Schools are wrapping up, and orchestra seasons are winding down. For many musicians, this time either means some serious relaxing and recovering from all that craziness, OR gearing up for a summer festival, and maybe some of both. For others, it may mean staying home and working a job for a while.

This time can be difficult to manage though without the external pressures of lessons, or concerts. If you drift for too long, the summer can pass you by, without feeling like you got anything accomplished
So how do we stay focused, stay motivated, but still have some fun, and maybe work that romantic interest you’ve had your eye on.

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Self-Care or Die [PSP 28]

You need to do more. You’ve got music to learn, lessons to teach, emails that are piling up, that audition you’re supposed to be practicing for, that article you were going to write, your website that needs to be updated, and you haven’t seen your family in a while either… Does this sound familiar?

As musicians today, there are more challenges and demands for your time then ever before. Partially because there are more opportunities then ever before. Chances are your podcast queue is filled with interviews of interesting people who are starting new-funky ensembles, winning prestigious positions, or becoming famous on social media. But just because you can do all of this stuff also, does that mean that you should?

Today on the show, we’re discussing why we need some self-care, and what it looks like for each of us. Turns out, like many things, it’s not the same for everyone, and we share a simple test to find out how to care for yourself based on what you value.

Find the Courage to Change Your Life [PSP27]
It takes a tremendous amount of courage to take a big audition, ask a teacher for a trial lesson, or put anything out in the world with your name on it. And the thing is, great things are waiting for you on the other side of your fear, anxiety, and insecurities. So how do we get this courage to stand up and ask for what we want, or dare to change the world?

Sometimes we’re not even aware that the smallest actions, like just picking up your instrument every day takes a lot of courage too. And in fact, they’re not really that much different. So, I invite you to join us for our discussion, because you were made to do something great, to make something beautiful, and to have the courage to make a difference.

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What Even is “Flow” and How Do I Get It? [PSP25]

What’s the deal with people talking about “Flow?” Why is it such a big deal? Is it something I can really control, or am I at the mercy of the Muse?

Turns out there are four different types of people who access their Flow state completely differently.

Finding out which type of person you are is the first step in getting more moments of Flow. And luckily there is a super simple quiz to figuring out who you are. The Deep Thinker, The Hard Charger, The Flow Goer, or the Crowd Pleaser. Who even are you??

“The BEST moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times…the best moments usually occur when a persons body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile”
-Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Benefits and Risks of Using Credit Cards as a Musician [PSP24]

Are credit cards something you can use strategically to gain rewards, and maybe even treat-yo-self. Or, are they enabling poor spending choices, and a increasing your debt. What I learned from our conversation is that there benefits from both approaches, meaning if you can use a credit card to pay for life expenses you HAVE to pay for regardless. You can build up some nice rewards and your credit score as well, if you are paying it completely off before being charged interest.

Even though I have been cautious about using credit cards because of the disconnect between buying things, and having to pay for them later. And that slippery slope of immediate gratification. I think Greg and I both agree that whatever route you go with, you still need to be very careful about how you spend money, and choose a system that works for you.

How Do Musicians Save Money? [PSP 22]

As a freelance musician, we have a limited amount of income we can make from just performing. And most of us know this when we signed up for it. The freedom, independence, and creative lifestyle are usually worth the trade off. But, that doesn’t mean that we are immune to the feelings of wanting more of the nice things that everybody else has.

In our last episode, we talked about some ways you could make more money, and today we look at how we can save money without ending up in a crying ball on the floor because we’re only eating rice and beans. Robert Kiyosaki said it best, “it’s not about how much money you make, but how much money you keep.”

How Will I Make Enough Money? [PSP21]

Musicians and Money have a dysfunctional relationship. If you’ve been a musician for a while, you’re probably familiar with the stereotype that true devotion to your craft means you must be a starving artist. And if you make a lot of money from your art, you musthave sold-out.

And to go even further, if you listen to any other podcasts or books about making money, you can find endless advice, tools, tricks, hacks, and scripts to help you “Add more value,” or “Live like no one else, so that that later you can live like no one else” or 5 weird ways to make more money, backed by science. And you know, those are all great things. But, they aren’t always universally applicable. And today, during our conversation Christian reflects on some advice he heard that seems totally contradictory to the “Rules” of reaching financial stability.

And that’s kind of the point of this podcast, we exist to talk about what it’s like to be a human, to be a musician, and share some encouraging and inspiring thoughts with you, so that you can continue to live a successful and creative life.

How do I recover my motivation? [PSP20]

The creative lifestyle has many ups and downs-it’s anything but typical. After a big recital, an audition, or completion of any big project, we usually need some time to rest from the insanity that the performance created. But what happens next, is what we’re interested in for this episode. How do we recover from the down time, and get back to work.

Some thought provoking conversation coming up…the battle between motivation and discipline, the force of Resistance, and tuning out or maybe giving into the call of Netflix (that beautiful song of the siren)