Stop Selling Yourself Short [PSP26]

Hey there….you know, I don’t know how to say this nicely, But you’re just not good enough to charge that much.
And really, there are already enough really good musicians in this town…so you can just stop. Oh, and also, I know you have 2 degrees and an instrument worth more than my car, but can you play this one for free?

So, these are thoughts that you would probably NEVER say to a friend or colleague. And yet, why is it ok that we say these same thoughts to ourselves over and over? It’s not ok. It’s time to start believing what you’re worth, charging what you’re worth. And stop selling yourself short.

Beta-Blockers orchestra audition classical musicians

We Took Beta-Blockers, Here’s What Happened [PSP16]

Our episode today is mostly about immediate anxiety, or stage fright and some coping skills, including the ever controversial…Beta-Blockers.

We aren’t medical professionals, so always talk to your doctor first before trying them. However, we are dedicated to having authentic and transparent conversations about our experiences.
But drugs are not the only way to reduce the effects of being nervous, and we go into some of the other options to having a successful audition or performance.

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