Well, happy Friday to you, if you’re listening to this the day it airs, it is the day after Thanksgiving (a holiday here in the US) where stuff ourselves with food and hopefully have an enjoyable a few days family. But this time sometimes also comes with some feelings of panic. The Christmas gigs are about to kick into full force, there’s short term financial stress from buying presents for Christmas, paying for the travel to see family for all the holidays, and sometimes guilt from family for not being around more because you had some gigs, or needed the time to practice for an audition that’s coming up.

And sometimes hearing about your friends or family member’s success in getting a new job, or buying a house, or having another baby brings up some shame or insecurities about where you are in life and can make you question some of your life choices.

So that’s the backdrop for today’s episode. If you’re feeling a little bit of that, we’ve been there, and I think you’ll find some encouragement and perspective from our discussion.

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Confusion about Musician Incomes

Different types of musicians:

  • Hobbyists
  • Weekend Warriors
  • Day Job/Moonlighters
  • Freelancers playing for free to gain exposure
  • Full time freelancers/Per Service Musicians
  • Salaried position musicians


“Take everything you can get, because Winter is Coming! (Or January is coming)

But is the stress of cramming all the gigs for an extra $100-200 worth it?

Uncertainty of the future:

  • Dry Seasons (snack & famine)
  • Unpredictability of gigs (reliable vs. one offs)
  • Limited run (musicals, tours)
  • Getting cut
  • Contract negotiations/strikes/lockouts


This is obviously a complex topic, but here is Dave Ramsey’s super simple place to start:

Suze Orman

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