With less than four weeks until the US heads to the polls to elect a new president. The podcast team is less than enthused about our options. So, we decided to pick some of our favorite musicians of all time who we would rather vote for (yes, we realize how ridiculous that sounds).

Also we kick things off with some other current events, unfortunately about the strikes and lockouts at major orchestras and what it means for us.

Also included are what politics in orchestra and quartet rehearsals look like at the local level.

Listen to the Podcast Below:

Links we Mentioned:

Some Great Posts by Scott Chamberlin about Orchestra Management:

And this one about Sustainability:

Real music is always revolutionary, for it cements the ranks of the people; it arouses them and leads them onward. - Dmitri Shostakovich

The fact that most people do not understand and respect the very best things, such as Mozart's concertos, is what permits men like us to become famous. - Johannes Brahms

Gig of the Week:

Anna plays with 21 Pilots on Saturday Night Live
(This video will probably be taken down in a few days, enjoy it while it lasts-I did not film or upload it)
(That’s her, back row right side!!)

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