It’s that time of year: Back to school & back to orchestra season. How do we navigate getting in touch with colleagues, dealing with the summer braggers, and setting our sights on the year to come. The per service podcast team discuss how to make the most out of this time of year, and some advice on how to start the year off right.

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Why Michael prefers thinking in half-day units of time vs. half-hour increments of time: Because of the Maker vs. Manager’s Schedule idea.

Brahms: Academic Festival Overture.

Sight-Reading is a big part of auditions. Check out this exercise to help you move your eyes faster:

The best advice we could think of:

    1. Don’t get caught up or discouraged by the summer braggers.
    2. Write down on flash cards/post its/a journal the key thoughts or inspirations you had from the summer.
    3. Make some plans with your teacher/yourself on what you want your year to look like.
    4. Learn the information, but don’t let getting Straight-A’s ruin your practicing.
    5. Don’t burn yourself out, get enough sleep.
    6. Be careful about the amount of time spent with roommates & romantic interests.
    7. You never stop learning even after school.
    8. Find some stories from older freelancers or Pros. They can put things in perspective really poignantly.
    9. Practice Bravery: Ask for opportunities (lessons, gigs)
    10. You’re never going to feel ready- Nervous means “Do it”
    11. You’ll learn more from playing 30 pieces than from 3.
    12. Don’t find a comfortable tempo to experience school. Push it.
    13. Start something of your own.
    14. Explore the options that are unique to school: Baroque ensembles, new music ensemble.
    15. Strengthen your existing relationships, rather than forming more shallow relationships.
    16. Don’t do No-Doze. Just get some sleep.

17) You can’t turn back time. Practice now

18) Stay in the music building and hang out in the practice-room lounge/lobby. If you go back to your room, you’ll probably end up watching Netflix/video games/sleeping.

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