Please notice a few note differences that exist in the Bärenreiter edition. The part below has been changed to reflect these improvements.

The last note of m. 137 is often mistakenly written as an “A,” it is an “F-sharp” as you see below.
In m. 170, the eighth notes should continue through beats 3 and 4.
The downbeat of m. 178 should be an “E” not an “A”

Mozart Symphony No.35 cello

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Charles Dutoit: Philadelphia Orchestra, 2010

Sir Neville Marriner: Academy of St. Martin In the Fields, 2004

Claudio Abbado: Orchestra Mozart, 2008

Midi Practice Tracks:

*These were created using MIDI with the first violin part removed. I intensely dislike the midi orchestral instrument sounds, so I changed all the instruments to the piano patch.

Quarter Note = 100

Quarter Note = 110

Quarter Note = 120

Quarter Note = 130