This is the Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6 viola excerpt from Mvt. 1, (Allegro non troppo until 6m after Reh. C)

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Herbert von Karajan: Berliner Philharmoniker, 2007

Quarter Note = 112-114

Leonard Bernstein: New York Philharmonic, 2011

Quarter Note = 104 (at first) 116-118 after Reh B

Evgeny Mravinsky: Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra, 1987

Quarter Note = 102 (at first), 116 after Reh B

Midi Practice Tracks:

*These were created using MIDI with the viola part removed. I intensely dislike the midi orchestral instrument sounds, so I changed many of the instruments to the piano patch. Playing along with them provides the rhythmic stability of using a metronome while adding the framework for what else is happening in the orchestra.

Quarter Note = 80

Quarter Note = 90

Quarter Note = 100

Quarter Note = 114

Video from YouTube:

Herbert von Karajan: Wiener Philharmoniker
Excerpt starts at 2:25

Vladimir Fedoseyev: Moskow Radio Symphony Orchestra, 1991
Excerpt starts at 2:50