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What is Passion?

  • Musicians traditionally don’t make as much money as most 9-5 workers, so you’ve gotta love something about it, right?
  • Maybe it’s more our perseverance or stubbornness that keeps us going
  • Passion gives us the courage to NOT take some gigs.
  • The Hollywood depiction of being “An Artist” who is constantly enthralled with their work, is not realistic, or sustainable.
  • Passion might be deciding to do the work,

    even when you don’t feel like it, or despite the hardships.

    Money starts to change things,

    and disrupts even the purest of intentions.

  • Sometimes we have to take a crappy gig to pay the bills, and sometimes we can do the more fulfilling gig that doesn’t pay as great.
  • If you can’t change anything about your situation, you can always change your attitude.

  • If music is something that we started because we loved it, why do we meet people who seem miserable?
  • How many people have developed other interests or other skills?
  • So why do we take gigs?

  • It’s fulfilling musically
  • It will help our resume
  • It pays well
  • And hopefully all three at the same time??
  • Maybe Passion isn’t just the act of creating art…’s more about the lifestyle

    Perhaps passion comes from your Intrinsic motivations (love for the art or lifestyle,or the reasons why you started). But the extrinsic motivators (money, resume building, prestige) sometimes complicate and disagree with your intrinsic motivations.

    “If I can calm the negative thoughts, and let myself enjoy the music, then that’s winning.” Christian Marshall

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    What does passion mean to you? Do you think it’s necessary to have as a musician?