Trying to find the sheet music for Double Bass auditions has always been such a hassle…

    • Are you tired of asking your teacher and colleagues to dig through their music stacks to borrow their part?
    • Do you hate fighting with the photocopy machine-trying to not cut off notes?
    • Are you sick of overpaying for complete parts to an entire symphony, when you only need 15 measures?
    • Can you barely read the notes of your current copy because of all the bowings, fingerings and other chicken scratch markings that are permanently photocopied into your part?

It Doesn’t Have to be That Way Anymore…

    • What if you had ALL the excerpts in one easy to access file? Even the “hard to find” ones?
    • Imagine being able to print out exactly the pages you needed?
    • What if you had beautifully clean parts to read only your markings from?

Introducing “Orchestral Double Bass Excerpts-Clean Practice Parts” eBook:

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This collection contains 184 pages of .pdfs from over 90 different works ready for you to print out and start practicing from. No more searching for hard to find excerpts, they’re all here. Now you can

    • Quickly find any excerpt you need
    • Print out as many copies as you need
    • Write in your own bowings or fingerings
    • No delay in processing or shipping, get the book NOW

Take a look inside the book…


Want to see even more?

View the 6-page table of contents here:
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These parts cost an average of $5.00 per part from traditional publishers. Why pay over $300 when you can get the same thing I’m offering you for so much less? (Ok, it doesn’t come on their fancy paper)

That’s right, this amazing offer is available for a limited time for only: $8!

Can’t I just find most of these on imslp?

It’s true, many of these excerpts can be found on imslp, but their parts are not exactly configured with performers in mind. I have painstakingly formatted each page to get the maximum note size on an 8.5″ x 11″ page. Compare the first page of Beethoven Symphony No. 5 mvt III from imslp with mine.

Can’t I just rely on the orchestra to send me the hard to find excerpts?

(Actual excerpt posted online for a Bass audition)
Terrible Tchaik
Yes, it’s also true that some orchestras will send you a copy of some of the more difficult to find excerpts. But they’re not all that helpful if you actually want to be able to read the notes?

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Thanks for taking the time to read this. I wish you all the best on your upcoming audition.

Be well and practice well
Michael O’Gieblyn,

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