This is the Debussy La Mer Violin Excerpt from Reh. 33 until 39.
Please note the last beat of Reh 38 has recently been changed on this part, it previously contained a typo which is in most parts. The pattern should repeat the same in each octave.


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Carlo Maria Giulini, Concertgebouw Orchestra, 1995

Jean Martinon, Orchestre National de L’O.R.T.E, 1984

Debussy: Orchestral Works I - Jean Martinon & Orchestre National De L' O.R.T.F.

André Previn, London Symphony Orchestra, 1984

Debussy: La Mer & Nocturnes - Ambrosian Singers, André Previn & London Symphony Orchestra

Midi Practice Tracks:

*These were created using MIDI with the first violin part removed. I intensely dislike the midi orchestral instrument sounds, so I changed all the instruments to the piano patch.

Dotted Quarter Note = 100

Dotted Quarter Note = 115

Dotted Quarter Note = 130


Video MasterClass – David Kim

Video MasterClass – Andrés Cárdenes

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