This is the Brahms Symphony No. 4 violin excerpt from mvt 3. From the Beginning of the movement until Rehearsal letter “C.”

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Sir Simon Rattle: Berlin Philharmonic, 2009 Quarter note = 122

Brahms: Complete Symphonies - Sir Simon Rattle & Berliner Philharmoniker

Yevgeni Mravinsky: St. Petersburg Philharmonic, 2006 Quarter note = 122

Günther Herbig: Berlin Symphony Orchestra, 1982 Quarter note = 118

Midi Practice Tracks:

*These are created in MIDI with the first violin part removed. I intensely dislike the midi orchestral instrument sounds, so I changed all the instruments to the piano patch.

Quarter note = 85

Quarter note = 95

Quarter note = 105

Sorry the count off is a little messy (it’s basically 2 eighths, then 7 Quarters at 105)

Video and Recordings from YouTube:

Carlos Kleiber: Bavarian State Orchestra (Quarter note = 121)

Herbert von Karajan: Berlin Philharmonic, 1978 (Quarter note = 120-121)

Simon Rattle: Berline Philharmonic, 2007 (excerpt and interview) (Quarter note =121)

YouTube redirect:
Leonard Bernstein: Vienna Philharmonic(Quarter note = 120)