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How to Mark Your Part in Orchestra…

Playing violin in orchestra is one of the most enriching activities I get to do. But, it also seems like it is fraught with unspoken expectations. Things like “to be early is to be on-time,” “showing up without your pencil is a sin,” and that the inside player’s fingerings go beneath the line.

Taking Auditions for “The Experience”

As you probably know, auditions are the strangest things. They can turn the strongest players into a fumbling pile of nerves, the cleanest spiccato into a lovely martelé, and the steadiest scherzo into a Stockhausen pointillist etude. Locking yourself in a practice room doesn’t solve this problem. Being able to nail a passage 20 times […]

Preparing for Auditions (In the Audition)

Preparing for Auditions (In the Audition) 1) Make music: So the moment has finally arrived that you have been preparing for countless hours. This is your five minutes to shine, so make the most of it. Of course you have to play in tune, in time, and with quality, but you also need to play […]

Preparing for auditions (A few weeks before the audition)

Preparing for violin orchestral auditions (A few weeks-A few days before the Audition) 1) Make sure your instrument is in its best condition. If you know you are going to need a sound adjustment, new strings, or your bow rehaired before the audition, plan ahead of time when you are going to make that happen. […]

Preparing for Auditions (Pre-Audition Procedures)

1) Check in with the Personnel Manager When you arrive, find someone who knows what’s going on (i.e. the personnel manager or the audition coordinator) and let them know who you are. Also figure out: • Where you can warm up. • A timeline of when things are happening (e.g. drawing numbers, when you can […]

Preparing for Auditions (How to Practice)

Preparing for Auditions (How to practice) 1) Use a metronome! I know, I know: it’s so painful to use a metronome, but a metronome is one of the most important tools for helping you prepare for auditions. Having accurate rhythm is so crucial to wining an audition. Being unsteady in an audition is the fastest […]

Preparing for Auditions (Before you start practicing)

1) Make sure you know the dates and deadlines.

This seems pretty obvious, but if you are preparing for multiple auditions at the same time, you may get the different deadlines confused. And it doesn’t matter how well you play, if you miss the entry deadline, you won’t get a chance to play even one note. So get organized from the beginning.